When to Get Some Rest to Help Relieve Pain

Published March 19, 2017

Rest can help to give your body a chance to recover from short-term pain. It’s also beneficial when you are suffering from a migraine or tension headache. One reason for this may be because pain and sleep can have a cyclic relationship; pain has been shown to disturb sleep, and sleep deprivation has been shown to decrease pain thresholds. So, getting a good night’s sleep may be a good step in interrupting this cycle.

However, if you are resting to relieve back pain, try to limit your lie-down to a few hours, and no more than a day or two. Short periods of bed rest can give you a break when standing or sitting causes pain, but more than a day or two can trigger new problems like:

  • Loss of muscle tone, and
  • Reduced emotional well-being.

As you are resting, you can ease any stress on your back by placing pillows beneath your head and between your knees, while lying on your side.

  • If you are on your back, place the pillow under your knees.
  • If you are on your belly, place the pillow beneath your hips.

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